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Our Background

Bean-To-Bar chocolatier

Frederic Blondeel chocolates are freshly handcrafted in Belgium, using only the finest cacao beans sourced from sustainable organic cocoa cultivators around the world.

Coming from a three-generation coffee roasting family, Frederic decided to transfer his skills to chocolate roasting 20 years ago. As one of the very first bean-to-bar chocolatiers and leaders in the field, he roasts cacao beans to highlight the beans' unique flavors. As he strives for a genuine, natural taste, he uses non-refined organic cane sugar and vanilla from Tahiti, combining with seasonal fruits, herbs and spices to create innovative flavors that can bring out the complex aromas and rich flavors in chocolate.



Word From Frederic Blondeel

To be a chocolate-maker is one job, to be a cocoa-roaster, or torréfacteur, is another. More then 20 years ago I chose a remarkable path and decided to be both. Coming from 3 generations of coffee roasters, I try to honor my heritage by skillfully crafting another bean : cacao. Becoming a chocolate making descendant of coffee roasters.

Every single bean has a secret. Roasting those cocoa beans is a discovery, a way to reveal their secret flavors, textures and tastes. I’m constantly challenged to match the cacao bean with its perfect roast.

It requires a lot of craftsmanship to handpick those beans with the greatest potential, to roast them at the desired low temperature respecting their specific profile and to extract the authentic taste of natural chocolate to create my desired end goal : powerful single origin tablets, versatile chocolate drops, elegant pralines, chocolate coated biscuits ...

As a tradition, it is now turn to train my children & pass down my know-how. Thank you to have taken the time to get to know me. I hope you enjoy some of our roasted & chocolate delights.




The journey begins with the meticulous selection of beans, handpicked for their exceptional potential. From there, we create a range of exquisite creations, from powerful single-origin tablets to versatile chocolate drops, elegant pralines, and delectable chocolate-coated biscuits. Being a torréfacteur for over 20 years, we are one of the very first true bean-to-bar chocolatiers. 

Roastery or Torréfacteur

Every single cacao bean holds a hidden secret, waiting to be discovered. Through the delicate process of roasting these cocoa beans, we unveil their enigmatic flavors, textures, and tastes. Coming from 3 generations of coffee roasters, we carry the rich heritage that inspires us to master the art of chocolate-making.

Better Ingredients

We use only the finest cocoa beans from all over the world, such as Madagascar, Ghana, Peru, Venezuela, Vietnam and India. We then pair them with the very best ingredients that season. From hazelnuts & almonds from Sicily, vanilla from Tahiti, fleur de sel from France, organic Matcha tea & jasmine from Japan, we create our assortment of over 100 varieties of chocolates. 

Voted "Best Chocolate Maker"

In 2019, the hard work of my team & myself was rewarded by the prestigious Gault & Millau food guide, winning the title of “Best Chocolate Maker”.  It strengthens us in our chosen path to combine an a roastery with chocolate making. 

Bean To Bar


Cacao Picking




Cacao Roasting





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