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We use only the finest cocoa beans from all over the world, such as Madagascar, Ghana, and Venezuela, to create our assortment of over 100 varieties of chocolates. 
delicious chocolate ganaches
Ganaches 軟心朱古力

Our ever-famous velvety smooth ganaches in many flavors, including single origin dark chocolate ganaches infused with fruits, tea, exotic herbs and spices. 


75% Madagascar Dark // 70% Venezuela Dark // 73% 73% Papouassie // Earl Grey // Green Tea // Jasmin //Coffee //  Lime // Passion Fruit // Raspberry // Chilli // Sze chuan Pepper // Cognac // Rum & Raisin // Rose // Basil & Strawberry // Cardamon // Honey // Bay Leaves // Fresh Mint // Cayenne Pepper

best chocolate truffles

Dark Cassonade // Milk Cassonade // White Cassonade // Dark Feuillantine // Milk Feullantine // Pear Brandy // Irish Coffee // Champagne // Coconut Caramel // Original Truffle

Truffles 松露朱古力

With crisp chocolate shells and melt-in-your-mouth ganache filling, our truffles are simply to die for. 

best chocolate caramels
Caramels 焦糖朱古力

Thin chocolate shell with oozing caramel fillings made with salted butter and fleu de sel. Enjoy the perfect balance of salt, caramel and chocolate.


Salted Caramel // Coffee Caramel // Rose Caramel // Rasberry Caramel // Passion Fruit Caramel // Orange Liquor Caramel // Escargot

amazing candied orange peel in dark chocolate
Fruit Tree 乾果朱古力

Freshly candied lemon or orange peel coated in a crisp outer layer of 70% dark chocolate. Ideal as little gifts for real fruit lovers or for nibbling at home. 


Orange Peel // Lemon Peel // Dark Chocolate Mendiant // Milk Chocolate Mendiant // White Chocolate Mendiants


Croquant // Almond Corse // Croquant // Cremeux // Fruite // Coeur Dark// Coeur Milk // Coeur White 

Gianduja 榛子朱古力

Creamy chocolate with finely grounded hazelnut fillings. These chocolates are rich, nutty, and delicious! 

Gianduja - hazelnut filling chocolates
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