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Frederic Blondeel produces ten different single-origin chocolate bars. We are one of the few bean-to-bar chocolatiers in the world who actually roast our own cocoa beans. In our single-origin chocolate collection, you will find exceptional quality cocoa from the world’s most sought after producers. After cocoa beans are fermented naturally, we roast them slowly to bring out the distinct aroma of the beans’ origin.
single origin chocolate bars
Chocolate Bars 排裝朱古力

Explore different single origin chocolate bars for the cacao's distinct flavors from different origins, from rounded to sweet to fruity, and let them ravish your senses! 


Madagascar 65% // Ghana 60% // Vietnam 80% //Costa Rica 40% // Costa Rica 70% // Brutus Peru 75% // Venezuela 49% // Madagascar 49% // Peru 75% // Madagascar 65% Raw Chocolate Bar

mini chocolate bars

Madagascar 65% Rasberry // Madagascar 49% Milk Chocolate // Vietnam 80% // Costa Rica 40% with Sea Salt // Costa Rica 75% with Nougatine

Mini Chocolate Bars 薄片朱古力

Mini chocolate bars are thin chocolate squares that will break with a clear, clean snap - sign of a good quality and fresh chocolate bar. 

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