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Delight your friends or family with delicious Fruit and Nut chocolate chocolate barks handmade in Belgium. This is  fun to serve - you can cut or break off as big as piece of chocolate as you like!

Peru 75% Hazelnut Bark // Peru 75% Almond Bark // Brutus Peru 75% Hazelnut Bark // Brutus Peru 75% Almond and Raisin Bark 


Dark Chocolate Barks 黑朱古力磚

Single origin chocolate barks made with fruits and nuts. Enjoy the pure flavors of solid chocolates and delicious nuts in every bite! 

chocolate barks with fruits and nuts
milk chocolate barks with nuts

Madagascar 49% Hazelnut Bark // Madagascar 49% Almond Bark


Milk Chocolate Barks 牛奶朱古力磚

Single origin milk chocolate barks made with hazelnuts and almonds from Piedmont. Creamy milk chocolates and delicious nuts in every bite! 

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